Lori Wildenberg  
‚Äčauthor, speaker, licensed parent-family educator

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Parent Consulting Testimonials

"Lori is my favorite kind of parent coach...imperfect with imperfect kids. Now that I can relate to!" -Mother of four teens

"Lori helped us feel like dealing with our kids' negative issues is not so overwhelming. She has a very positive logical approach to her parenting techniques. Lori helps you without making you feel like a terrible parent, but she is straight forward at the same time. I wish we would have started working with her sooner. After meeting with Lori we experienced a large sense of relief. My husband even said he feels like everything started getting better and that we are going to be okay. Lori truly has a gift and she is using it!"- Mom of teen, preschooler, and toddler

"I just want to say a huge, Thank You! Thank you for helping us get through the adjustment of a new family diet due to my son's allergies. Thank you!"-Mom of two soon to be three! 

"We were having problems with our 3 year old son hitting and being rebellious. It was awful! We tried time-out, putting him in his room, taking things away etc... Nothing seemed to work. We called Lori. She came to our home and met with me, my husband, and our nanny. She told us we were giving him way too much power! She told us how to change up our language from negative to positive. We changed the way we spoke to him and he changed! After one week of this new language and thinking, we saw at least a 90-95% improvement in our son's behavior! Lori is wonderful. Thanks so much!"

-Mom of a three year old 

"My husband and I needed some specialized help to manage some issues with our three year old daughter. Lori gave us hope and encouragement. She pinpointed someways we could handle our situation better as parents. Most importantly she helped us better understand our daughter's behavior and why she was responding in the way that she was. Through Lori's encouragement and help from the Lord we are enjoying a more peaceful home." -Mom of two