Lori Wildenberg  
​author, speaker, licensed parent-family educator

Lori is a member of AWSA

(Advanced Writers and Speakers Association) 

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Popular Talks.

1. Speak Love Loud

What message do you want your kids to receive? What does your child's heart crave? Meet your kids where they are and help them become who they are created to be by speaking love loud. 
Appropriate for any age. Designed for the MOPS 2017-18 Theme Free Indeed. 

2. Bring Kindness Home 

Do you want to strengthen your family relationships and adjust your family dynamics?  Then train your kids in the lost art of kindness. Let's bring kindness home. 

Appropriate for any age. Excellent keynote for retreats and women's events. 
3. Be the Mom (Woman) You Are Designed to Be 

Do you feel insecure in your role as a woman or as a parent? Purpose, personality types, and parenting styles 

Appropriate for a mom's or woman's event. 

4. Who's the Boss?

Do you ever wonder who is in charge? 

Attacking power struggles and whining. 

For parents of younger children. 

​5. The Big Bad Mad!

Whoa where did that temper come from?

​Tackling kid (and parent) tantrums and/or the teen "tude". 
Appropriate for any age and can be geared for a woman's event. 


​6. Blindsided by the Culture...and Your Kid.

Did you train up your child in the way he should go and he stepped off the path? 

Warning signs, how to respond, how to pray big prayers.

Only appropriate for parents of tweens to young adults.  

7. No More Entitled Wimpy Whiners

No parent ever said, "I want to raise an entitled wimpy whiner." Discover ways to empower rather than enable your child. We can raise a child who has a sense of purpose, is self-motivated, and has a God-confidence.

"After hearing Lori I feel confident that I can be a better mommy!"

"Very inspirational. Thank you!"

" I really enjoyed this talk, Lori! You are very knowledgeable and I enjoyed your stories. Thank you for coming to speak to us."

"Great talk. Thanks for sharing your insight." 

"Thank you for your honest approach and great advice. I feel like less of a failure and more of a normal mom."

" I already started using some of the tips you gave us! Thank you." 

​"What Lori brings to an event is professional and personal. She engages the audience by speaking with passion and humor. Lori is an amazingly effective communicator. " Children's Pastor

Typical feedback comments:

"Relate-able and funny." "Relevant and real." 

"Honest plus Humorous" "Encouraging and practical."